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    • The HIFI spectral survey of AFGL 2591 (CHESS) III. Chemical structure of the protostellar envelope 

      Kazmierczak Barthel, M.; Semenov, D.; Van der Tak, F. F. S.; Chavarría, L.; Van der Wiel, M. (EDP Sciences, 2015)
      Aims. The aim of this work is to understand the richness of chemical species observed in the isolated high-mass envelope of AFGL 2591, a prototypical object for studying massive star formation. Methods. Based on HIFI ...
    • Infrared dark clouds on the far side of the Galaxy 

      Giannetti, A.; Wyrowski, Friedrich; Leurini, S.; Urquhart, J.; Csengeri, T.; Menten, K. M.; Bronfman Aguiló, Leonardo; Van der Tak, F. F. S. (EDP Sciences, 2015)
      Context. Infrared dark clouds are the coldest and densest portions of giant molecular clouds. The most massive ones represent some of the most likely birthplaces for the next generation of massive stars in the Milky Way. ...