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    • Fast-moving features in the debris disk around AU Microscopii 

      Boccaletti, Anthony; Thalmann, Christian; Lagrange, Anne Marie; Janson, Markus; Augereau, Jean Charles; Schneider, Glenn; Milli, Julien; Grady, Carol; Debes, John; Langlois, Maud; Mouillet, David; Henning, Thomas; Dominik, Carsten; Maire, Anne-Lise; Beuzit, Jean-Luc; Carson, Joseph; Dohlen, Kjetil; Engler, Natalia; Feldt, Markus; Fusco, Thierry; Ginski, Christian; Girard, Julien H.; Hines, Dean; Kasper, Markus; Mawet, Dimitri; Ménard, Francois; Meyer, Michael R.; Moutou, Claire; Olofsson, Johan; Rodigas, Timothy; Sauvage, Jean Francois; Schlieder, Joshua; Martin Schmid, Hans; Turatto, Massimo; Udry, Stephane; Vakili, Farrokh; Vigan, Arthur; Wahhaj, Zahed; Wisniewski, John (Nature Publishing, 2015)
      In the 1980s, excess infrared emission was discovered around main-sequence stars; subsequent direct-imaging observations revealed orbiting disks of cold dust to be the source(1). These 'debris disks' were thought to be ...