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    • Optical light curve of the Type Ia supernova 1998bu in M96 and the supernova calibration of the Hubble constant 

      Suntzeff, Nicholas B.; Phillips, M. M.; Covarrubias, R.; Navarrete, M.; Pérez, J. J.; Guerra, A.; Acevedo, M. T.; Doyle, Laurence R.; Harrison, Thomas; Kane, Stephen; Long, Knox S.; Maza Sancho, José; Miller, Scot; Piatti, Andrés E.; Claría, Juan J.; Ahumada, Andrea V.; Pritzl, Barton; Winkler, P. Frank (1999-03)
      We present the UBV (RI) light curves of the Type Ia supernova SN 1998bu, which appeared in the nearby galaxy M96 (NGC K3C368). M96 is a spiral galaxy in the Leo I group that has a Cepheid-based distance. Our photometry ...