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    • Differences in Be-10 concentrations between river sand, gravel and pebbles along the western side of the central Andes 

      Carretier, S.; Regard, V.; Vassallo, R.; Aguilar, G.; Martinod, J.; Riquelme, R.; Christophoul, F.; Charrier González, Reynaldo; Gayer, E.; Farías, M.; Audin, L.; Lagane, C. (Elsevier, 2015)
      Cosmogenic nuclides in river sediment have been used to quantify catchment-mean erosion rates. Nevertheless, variable differences in Be-10 concentrations according to grain size have been reported. We analyzed these ...
    • Geotectonic evolution of the Bransfield Basin, Antarctic Peninsula: insights from analogue models 

      Solari Martini, Mario; Hervé, F.; Martinod, J.; Le Roux, Jacobus; Ramírez, L. E.; Palacios Monasterio, Carlos (2008)
      The Bransfield Strait, located between the South Shetland Islands and the north-western end of the Antarctic Peninsula, is a back-arc basin transitional between rifting and spreading. We compiled a geomorphological ...
    • Slope and climate variability control of erosion in the Andes of central Chile 

      Carretier, Sébastien; Regard, V.; Vassallo, R.; Aguilar, G.; Martinod, J.; Riquelme Vásquez, René; Pepin, E.; Charrier González, Reynaldo; Hérail, G.; Farías, M.; Guyot, J. L.; Vargas, G.; Lagane, C. (2013)
      Climate and topography control millennial-scale mountain erosion, but their relative impacts remain matters of debate. Confl icting results may be explained by the infl uence of the erosion threshold and daily variability ...