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    • Implications of the cosmic background imager polarization data 

      Sievers, J. L.; Achermann, C.; Bond, J. R.; Bronfman Aguiló, Leonardo; Bustos, R.; Contaldi, C. R.; Dickinson, C.; Ferreira, P. G.; Jones, M. E.; Lewis, A. M.; Mason, B. S.; May Humeres, Jorge; Myers, S. T.; Oyarce, N.; Padin, S.; Pearson, T. J.; Pospieszalski, M.; Readhead, A. C. S.; Reeves, R.; Taylor, A. C.; Torres, S. (2007)
      We present new measurements of the power spectra of the E mode of cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization, the temperature T, the cross-correlation of E and T, and upper limits on the B mode from 2.5 yr of dedicated ...