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    • The lowest-metallicity type II supernova from the highest-mass red supergiant progenitor 

      Anderson, P.; Dessart, L.; Gutierrez, C.; Kruhler, T.; Galbany, Lluis; Jerkstrand, A.; Smartt, S.; Contreras, C.; Morrell, N.; Phillips, M.; Stritzinger, M.; Hsiao, E.; González Gaitán, Santiago; Agliozzo, C.; Castellon, Sergio; Chambers, K.; Chen, T.; Flewelling, H.; González, C.; Hosseinzadeh, G.; Huber, M.; Fraser, M.; Inserra, C.; Kankare, E.; Mattila, S.; Magnier, E.; Maguire, K.; Lowe, T.; Sollerman, J.; Sullivan, M.; Young, D.; Valenti, S. (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-07)
      Red supergiants have been confirmed as the progenitor stars of the majority of hydrogen-rich type II supernovae(1). However, while such stars are observed with masses > 25 M-circle dot (ref. (2)), detections of > 18 M-circle ...