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    • The UVES large program for testing fundamental physics – II. Constraints on a change in μ towards quasar HE 0027−1836. 

      Rahmani, Hadi.; Wend, Martin; Srianand, Raghunathan; Noterdaeme, Pasquier; Petitjean, Patrick; Molaro, Paolo; Whitmore, Jonathan; Murphy, Michael; Centurion, M.; Fathivavsari, Hassan; D'Odorico, Sandro; Evans, Tyler; Levshakov, Sergei Anatolievich; López Morales, Sebastián; Martins, C. J. A. P.; Reimers, D.; Vladilo, Giovanni (Royal Astronomical of Society, 2013-08-22)
      We present an accurate analysis of the H2 absorption lines from the zabs ˜ 2.4018 damped Lyα system towards HE 0027-1836 observed with the Very Large Telescope Ultraviolet and Visual Echelle Spectrograph (VLT/UVES) as a ...