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    • Ergodic description of STIT tessellations 

      Martínez Aguilera, Servet; Nagel, Werner (2012)
      Let (Y-t : t > 0) be the STIT tessellation process. We show that for all polytopes W with nonempty interior and all a > 1, the renormalized random sequence (a(n)Y(an) : n is an element of Z) induced in W is a finitary ...
    • STIT Process and Trees 

      Martínez Aguilera, Servet; Nagel, Werner (Polymat, 2015)
      For the STIT tessellation process, which is becoming one of the reference model in stochastic geometry for fracture modeling or cell division, we study several constructions in a window of R-l: A new method is provided ...