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    • Evolution of air quality in Santiago: The role of mobility and lessons from the science-policy interface 

      Gallardo Klenner, Laura; Barraza, Francisco; Ceballos, Andrés; Galleguillos, M.; Huneeus Lagos, Nicolás; Lambert, Fabrice; Ibarra, Cecilia; Munizaga Muñoz, Marcela; O'Ryan, Raul; Osses, Mauricio; Tolvett, Sebastián; Urquiza Gómez, Anahí Verónica; Veliz, Karina D. (Universidad California Press, 2018-05-03)
      Worldwide, urbanization constitutes a major and growing driver of global change and a distinctive feature of the Anthropocene. Thus, urban development paths present opportunities for technological and societal transformations ...