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    • Magnetic properties of dinuclear copper(II) complexes with simple pyrazolate bridges 

      Spodine Spiridonova, Evgenia; Atria Salas, Ana María; Valenzuela Pedevila, Jorge; Jalocha, J.; Manzur Saffie, Jorge; García, A. M.; Garland, María Teresa; Peña, Octavio; Saillard, J. Y. (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 1999-09-07)
      Three new copper(II) complexes with simple pyrazolate bridges have been prepared, [Cu-2(pz)(2)(dpa)(2)(H2O)Cl]Cl . H2O 1, [Cu-2(pz)(2)(phen)(2)Cl-2]. 2C(2)H(5)OH 2 and [Cu-2(pz)(phen)(2)Cl-3]. 2H(2)O 3 (Hpz = pyrazole, dpa ...
    • Structure, bonding, and magnetic behavior of bis(μ-chloro)-and (μ-bromo)-bridged Cu(II) dimers 

      Garland, María Teresa; Saillard, J. Y.; Spodine Spiridonova, Evgenia (Kluwer Academic Publishers-Plenum Publishers, 1992)
      It has been previously reported that dimeric compounds of the general formula [L3Cu(II)]2(μ-Cl)2 exhibit a correlation between their magnetic coupling constant J and the bridging Cu-Cl-Cu angle. A full survey of the published ...