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    • Possible role of salsolinol quinone methide in the decrease of RCSN-3 cell survival 

      Martínez Alvarado, P.; Dagnino Subiabre, Alexies; Paris Pizarro, Irmgard; Metodiewa, D.; Welch, C. J.; Olea Azar, Claudio; Caviedes Fernández, Pablo; Caviedes Codelia, Raúl; Segura Aguilar, Juan (ACADEMIC PRESS INC, 2001-05-25)
      The endogenous dopamine-derived neurotoxin salsolinol was found to decrease survival in the dopaminergic neuronal cell line RCSN-3, derived from adult rat substantia nigra in a concentration-dependent manner (208 muM ...