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    • Reppe Reaction Catalyzed by Soluble Carbonylrhodium Complexes 

      Uzcátegui, G. C.; Hung, F.; Ortega, Marisol C.; Pardey, Alvaro J.; Longo, C.; Aguirre, P.; Moya, S. A. (SOCIEDAD CHILENA DE QUIMICA, 2005-12)
      The catalysis of the hydroesterification and hydroformylation-acetalization of 1-hexene by rhodium(I), cis-[Rh(CO)2(amine)2](PF6) complexes (amine = pyridine, 2-picoline, 3-picoline, 4-picoline, 3,5-lutidine or 2,6-lutidine) ...