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    • Characteristics and outcome of patients with newly diagnosed advanced or metastatic lung cancer admitted to intensive care units (ICUs) 

      Barth, C.; Soares, M.; Toffart, A. C.; Timsit, J. F.; Burghi, G.; Irrazaba, C.; Pattison, N.; Tobar, E.; Almeida, B. F.; Silva, U. V.; Azevedo, L. C.; Rabbat, A.; Lamer, C.; Parrot, A.; Souza Dantas, V. C.; Wallet, F.; Blot, F.; Bourdin, G.; Piras, C.; Delemazure, J.; Durand, M.; Salluh, J.; Azoulay, E.; Lemiale, Virginie (Springer, 2018-08-04)
      Background: Although patients with advanced or metastatic lung cancer have poor prognosis, admission to the ICU for management of life-threatening complications has increased over the years. Patients with newly diagnosed ...
    • Current clinical nutrition practices in critically ill patients in Latin America: a multinational observational study 

      Papapietro Vallejo, Karin; Méndez Martínez, Carolina; Matos Adames, Alfredo A.; Fuchs Tarlovsky, Vanessa; Contreras Nogales, Guillermo Carlos; Riofrio Paz, Roger Enrique; Perman, Mario Ignacio; Toulson Davisson Correia, María Isabel; Waitzberg, Dan Linetzky (BIOMED Central Ltd., 2017)
      Background: Malnutrition in critically ill adults in the intensive care unit (ICU) is associated with a significantly elevated risk of mortality. Adequate nutrition therapy is crucial to optimise outcomes. Currently, there ...