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    • Acute inhibition of iron absorption by zinc 

      Pizarro Aguirre, Fernando; Pizarro Aguirre, Fernando; Gaitán, Diego; Ruz, Manuel (PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD., 2007-05)
      Iron and zinc deficiencies are the most common nutritional deficiencies worldwide. Combined zinc and iron supplementation is one of the strategies used to prevent these deficiencies. Zinc has an inhibitory effect on iron ...
    • Inhibition of iron and copper uptake by iron, copper and zinc 

      Arredondo Olguín, Miguel Armando; Martínez, Ronny; Núñez González, Marco; Ruz, Manuel; Olivares Grohnert, Manuel (2006)
      Interactions of micronutrients can affect absorption and bioavailability of other nutrients by a number of mechanisms. In aqueous solutions, and at higher uptake levels, competition between elements with similar chemical ...
    • New insights about iron bioavailability inhibition by zinc 

      Ordóñez Pizarro, Fernando; Pizarro Aguirre, Fernando; Ruz, Manuel (ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC, 2007-04)
      Objective: We measured the effects of lower and higher doses of zinc (Zn) given as an aqueous solution on the bioavailability of iron (Fe). Methods: Fourteen healthy subjects received a solution with 0.5 mg of elemental ...