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    • The alignment between phenotypic plasticity, the major axis of genetic variation and the response to selection 

      Lind, Martin I.; Yarlett, Kylie; Reger, Julia; Carter, Mauricio J.; Beckerman, Andrew P. (Royal Soc., 2015)
      Phenotypic plasticity is the ability of a genotype to produce more than one phenotype in order to match the environment. Recent theory proposes that the major axis of genetic variation in a phenotypically plastic population ...
    • Evolution of a predator induced, nonlinear reaction norm 

      Carter, Mauricio J.; Lind, Martin I.; Dennis, Stuart R.; Hentley, William; Beckerman, Andrew P. (Royal Society Publishing, 2017)
      Inducible, anti-predator traits are a classic example of phenotypic plasticity. Their evolutionary dynamics depend on their genetic basis, the historical pattern of predation risk that populations have experienced and ...