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Bis(2,6-diamino-1H-purin-3-ium) di-mu-croconato-kappa(3) O,O ':O '';kappa(3) O:O ',O ''-bis[tetraaqua(croconato-kappa(2)O,O ')-neodymium(III)]

Authordc.contributor.authorAtria Salas, Ana María 
Authordc.contributor.authorMorel, Mauricio es_CL
Authordc.contributor.authorGarland, María Teresa es_CL
Authordc.contributor.authorBaggio, Ricardo es_CL
Cita de ítemdc.identifier.citationACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION C-CRYSTAL STRUCTURE COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 67 Pages: M17-M21 Part: Part 1 Published: JAN 2011es_CL
Identifierdc.identifier.otherDOI: 10.1107/S0108270110052893
Abstractdc.description.abstractThe structure of the ionic title compound, (C(5)H(7)N(6))(2)[Nd(2)(C(5)O(5))(4)(H(2)O)(8)], consists of anionic dimers built around an inversion centre and is made up of an NdIII cation, two croconate (croco) dianions and four water molecules (plus their inversion images), with two noncoordinated symmetry-related 2,6-diamino-1H-purin-3-ium (Hdap+) cations providing charge balance. Each NdIII atom is bound to nine O atoms from four water and three croco units. The coordination polyhedron has the form of a rather regular monocapped square antiprism. The croconate anions are regular and the Hdap+ cation presents a unique, thus far unreported, protonation state. The abundance of hydrogen-bonding donors and acceptors gives rise to a complex packing scheme consisting of dimers interlinked along the three crystallographic directions and defining anionic `cages' where the unbound Hdap+ cations lodge, linking to the mainframe via (N-H)(Hdap)...O(water/croco) and (O-H)(water)...N(Hdap) interactions.es_CL
Patrocinadordc.description.sponsorshipFondecyt 1070298 7090064es_CL
Títulodc.titleBis(2,6-diamino-1H-purin-3-ium) di-mu-croconato-kappa(3) O,O ':O '';kappa(3) O:O ',O ''-bis[tetraaqua(croconato-kappa(2)O,O ')-neodymium(III)]es_CL
Document typedc.typeArtículo de revistaes_CL

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