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Quantifying the uncertainty in the spatial layout of rock type domains in an iron ore deposit

Authordc.contributor.authorMaleki, Mohammad 
Authordc.contributor.authorEmery, Xavier 
Authordc.contributor.authorCáceres Saavedra, Alejandro 
Authordc.contributor.authorRibeiro, Diniz 
Authordc.contributor.authorCunha, Evandro 
Cita de ítemdc.identifier.citationComputational Geosciences. Volumen: 20 Número: 5 Páginas: 1013-1028 (2016)es_ES
Abstractdc.description.abstractThis work addresses the problem of delineating the spatial layout of ten rock type domains in an iron ore body and of assessing the uncertainty in the domain boundaries. A stochastic approach is proposed to this end, based on truncated Gaussian simulation, which consists in defining successive partitions of the space that comply with the desired spatial continuity and contact relationships between rock type domains. The sequencing of these domains is driven by their position (surficial vs. underlying rocks), granulometry (compact vs. friable rocks), and grades (rich vs. poor) of iron, alumina, manganese and loss on ignition. A total of 100 realizations are produced, conditioned to available drill hole data, and used to quantify the uncertainty in the occurrence of each rock type domain, at both global and local scales.es_ES
Patrocinadordc.description.sponsorshipVALE S.A., COPECUC Foundation, Chilean Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, through Projects CONICYT/FONDECYT/REGULAR, CONICYT PIA Anilloes_ES
Type of licensedc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Chile*
Link to Licensedc.rights.uri*
Sourcedc.sourceComputational Geoscienceses_ES
Keywordsdc.subjectTruncated Gaussian modeles_ES
Keywordsdc.subjectGeostatistical simulationes_ES
Keywordsdc.subjectGeological uncertaintyes_ES
Títulodc.titleQuantifying the uncertainty in the spatial layout of rock type domains in an iron ore deposites_ES
Document typedc.typeArtículo de revistaes_ES
Catalogueruchile.catalogadorC. R. B.es_ES
Indexationuchile.indexArtículo de publicación ISIes_ES

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Chile
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