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    • Counter-regulatory renin-angiotensin system in cardiovascular disease 

      Ocaranza, María Paz; Riquelme, Jaime; García, Lorena; Jalil, Jorge E.; Chiong, Mario; Santos, Robson A. S.; Lavandero González, Sergio (Nature Publishing Group, 2020)
      The non-canonical axis of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) has an important role in cardiovascular physiology and disease. In this Review, Ocaranza and colleagues discuss the interplay between components of the ...
    • Rho kinase cascade activation in circulating leukocytes in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 

      Ocaranza, María Paz; Valderas, Patricio; Moya, Jackeline; Gabrielli, Luigi; Godoy, Iván; Córdava, Samuel; Mac Nab, Paul; García Nannig, Lorena; Farías, Luis; Jalil, Jorge E. (BMC, 2020)
      BackgroundThe intracellular ROCK signaling pathway is an important modulator of blood pressure and of cardiovascular and renal remodeling when Rho-kinase activity is increased. Besides, in preclinical models of diabetes, ...