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    • Conservation status of the Chilean Woodstar Eulidia yarrellii 

      Aguirre, Juan; Escobar, Martín A. H.; Tomasevic Vukasovic, Jorge; Vukasovic, Maria Angelica; Tala, Charif; Estades Marfán, Cristián (2007)
      We assessed the conservation status of the Chilean Woodstar Eulidia yarrellii, a small hummingbird endemic to a few desert valleys of northern Chile and southern Peru. Although no population studies had been conducted, ...
    • Effect of Clearcutting Operations on the Survival Rate of a Small Mammal 

      Escobar, Martín A. H.; Uribe, Sandra V.; Chiappe, Romina; Estades Marfán, Cristián (Cross Mark, 2015)
      Clearcutting is a common timber harvesting technique that represents a significant and abrupt change in habitat conditions for wildlife living in industrial forests. Most research on this type of impact has focused on ...