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    • Diffusive dispersal in a growing ungulate population: guanaco expansion beyond the limits of protected areas 

      Iranzo, Esperanza C.; Acebes, Pablo; Estades Marfán, Cristián; González Pérez, Benito; Mata, Cristina; Malo, Juan E.; Traba, Juan (Springer, 2018)
      Growth of wild ungulate populations within protected areas can cause an expansion towards surrounding non-protected areas and lead to conflicts with human activities. The spatial and demographic structure of colonizing ...
    • Low habitat overlap at landscape scale between wild camelids and feral donkeys in the Chilean desert 

      Malo, Juan E.; González Pérez, Benito; Mata, Cristina; Vielma, Andre; Donoso, Denise S; Fuentes, Nicolás; Estades Marfán, Cristián (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2016)
      Feral domestic ungulates may compete with the populations of wild herbivores with which they coexist, particularly so in arid regions. The potential competition between wild camelids and feral donkeys at the eastern sector ...
    • Niche Segregation between Wild and Domestic Herbivores in Chilean Patagonia 

      Iranzo, Esperanza C.; Traba, Juan; Acebes, Pablo; González, Benito A.; Estades Marfán, Cristián; Mata, Cristina; Malo, Juan E. (PLoS ONE, 2013)
      Competition arises when two co-occuring species share a limiting resource. Potential for competition is higher when species have coexisted for a short time, as it is the case for herbivores and livestock introduced in ...