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    • Diffusive dispersal in a growing ungulate population: guanaco expansion beyond the limits of protected areas 

      Iranzo, Esperanza C.; Acebes, Pablo; Estades Marfán, Cristián; González Pérez, Benito; Mata, Cristina; Malo, Juan E.; Traba, Juan (Springer, 2018)
      Growth of wild ungulate populations within protected areas can cause an expansion towards surrounding non-protected areas and lead to conflicts with human activities. The spatial and demographic structure of colonizing ...
    • Niche Segregation between Wild and Domestic Herbivores in Chilean Patagonia 

      Iranzo, Esperanza C.; Traba, Juan; Acebes, Pablo; González, Benito A.; Estades Marfán, Cristián; Mata, Cristina; Malo, Juan E. (PLoS ONE, 2013)
      Competition arises when two co-occuring species share a limiting resource. Potential for competition is higher when species have coexisted for a short time, as it is the case for herbivores and livestock introduced in ...