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    • Anti-inflammatory activity of animal oils from the Peruvian Amazon 

      Schmeda-Hirschmann, Guillermo; Delporte, Carla; Valenzuela-Barra, Gabriela; Silva, Ximena; Vargas-Arana, Gabriel; Lima, Beatriz; Feresin, Gabriela (Elsevier Ireland Ltd, 2014)
      Ethnopharmacological relevance: Animal oils and fats from the fishes Electrophorus electricus and Potamotrygon motoro, the reptiles Boa constrictor, Chelonoidis denticulata (Geochelone denticulata) and Melanosuchus niger ...
    • Free radical scavengers, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of Acaena magellanica 

      Feresin, Gabriela E.; Tapia, E.; Gutiérrez, A.; Delporte Vergara, Carla; Erazo, Silvia; Schmeda Hirschmann, Guillermo (ROYAL PHARMACEUTICAL SOC GREAT BRITAIN, 2002-06)
      Extracts of the whole plant Acaena magellanica (Rosaceae) were assessed for anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity in animal models. At 600 mg kg(-1), the global ethanolic extract (GEE), dichloromethane (DCM) and defatted ...