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    • CEMiTool: a Bioconductor package for performing comprehensive modular co expression analyses 

      Russo, Pedro S. T.; Ferreira, Gustavo R.; Cardozo, Lucas E.; Buerger, Matheus C.; Arias Carrasco, Raúl; Maruyama, Sandra R.; Hirata, Thiago D. C.; Lima, Diogenes S.; Passos, Fernando M.; Fukutani, Kiyoshi F.; Lever, Melissa; Silva, Joao S.; Maracaja Coutinho, Vinicius; Nakaya, Helder I. (BIOMED Central Ltd., 2018)
      Background: The analysis of modular gene co-expression networks is a well-established method commonly used for discovering the systems-level functionality of genes. In addition, these studies provide a basis for the discovery ...
    • Genomic positional conservation identifies topological anchor point RNAs linked to developmental loci 

      Amaral, Paulo P.; Leonardi, Tommaso; Han, Namshik; Vire, Emmanuelle; Gascoigne, Dennis K.; Arias Carrasco, Raúl; Buscher, Magdalena; Pandolfini, Luca; Zhang, Anda; Pluchino, Stefano; Maracaja Coutinho, Vinicius; Nakaya, Helder I.; Hemberg, Martin; Shiekhattar, Ramin; Enright, Anton J.; Kouzarides, Tony (BIOMED Central Ltd., 2018)
      Background: The mammalian genome is transcribed into large numbers of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs), but the definition of functional lncRNA groups has proven difficult, partly due to their low sequence conservation and ...
    • StructRNAfinder: an automated pipeline and web server for RNA families prediction 

      Arias Carrasco, Raúl; Vásquez Moran, Yessenia; Nakaya, Helder I.; Maracaja Coutinho, Vinicius (BIOMED Central Ltd., 2018)
      Background: The function of many noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs) depend upon their secondary structures. Over the last decades, several methodologies have been developed to predict such structures or to use them to functionally ...