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    • Chemistry, toxicity and antifeedant activity of the resin of Flourensia thurifera 

      Faini, Francesca; Labbe, Cecilia; Salgado, Italo; Coll, Josep (1997)
      The resin extract from leaves and stems of Flourensia thurifera displayed high levels of activity in the brine shrimp (Artemia salina) and antifeedant disk-choice (Spodoptera littoralis) bioassays. A bioassay-guided ...
    • New phenolic esters from the resinous exudate of Haplopappus taeda 

      Faini, Francesca; Labbé, Cecilia; Torres, René; Rodilla, Jesús M.; Silva, Lucía; Monache, Franco Delle (2007)
      Two new phenolic esters 9-trans-p-coumaroyloxy-α-terpineol (1) and 7-trans-p-coumaroyloxy-taedol (2), both endowed with free radical scavenger activity and cleroda-3,13 (E)-dien-15,18-diol (3) for which a cis stereochemistry ...