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    • Backyard farms represent a source of wide host range salmonella phages that lysed the most common salmonella serovars 

      Rivera, Dacil; Toledo, Viviana; Di Pillo, Francisca; Dueñas, Fernando; Tardone, Rodolfo; Hamilton-West Miranda, Christopher; Vongkamjan, Kitiya; Wiedmann, Martin; Moreno Switt, Andrea I. (International Association Food Protection, 2018)
      The genus Salmonella has more than 2,600 serovars, and this trait is important when considering interventions for Salmonella control. Bacteriophages that are used for biocontrol must have an exclusively lytic cycle and the ...
    • Research on major water and foodborne pathogens in South America: advancements and gaps 

      Adell, Aiko; Rivera, Dacil; Díaz, Constanza; Serrano, María; Toledo, Viviana; Moreno Switt, Andrea (Elsevier, 2018-04)
      The aim of this review was to understand the research that has been conducted in South American countries to detect or quantify major water and foodborne pathogens, with the aim of identifying advancements and gaps in food ...