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    • Early-life exposure to lithium and boron from drinking water 

      Harari, Florencia; Ronco Macchiavello, Ana María; Concha, Gabriela; Llanos Silva, Miguel; Grandér, Margaretha; Castro, Francisca; Palm, Brita; Nermell, Barbro; Vahter, Marie (2012)
      The transfer of lithium and boron from exposed mothers to fetuses and breast-fed infants was investigated in areas in northern Argentina and Chile with up to 700 μg. lithium/L and 5-10. mg. boron/L in drinking water. ...
    • Maternal-Child Transfer of Essential and Toxic Elements through Breast Milk in a Mine-Waste Polluted Area 

      Castro, Francisca; Harari, Florencia; Llanos Silva, Miguel; Vahter, Marie; Ronco Macchiavello, Ana María (Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc., 2014)
      Copyright © 2014 by Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc. Objective To determine the daily intake of essential micronutrients and toxic elements through breast milk in exclusive and nonexclusive breastfed infants living in an ...