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    • Assessing footprints of selection in commercial Atlantic salmon populations using microsatellite data 

      Martínez Moncada, Víctor; Dettleff Beros, Carlos; López, P.; Fernández, G.; Jedlicki Corbeaux, Ana; Yáñez, J. M. (Stichting International Foundation for Animal Genetics,, 2013-04-23)
      Relatively large rates of response to traits of economic importance have been observed in different selection experiments in salmon. Several QTL have been mapped in the salmon genome, explaining unprecedented levels of ...
    • Genetic (co)variation in skin pigmentation patterns and growth in rainbow trout 

      Rodríguez, F. H.; Cáceres, G.; Lhorente, J. P.; Newman, S.; Bangera, R.; Tadich Gallo, Tamara; Neira, R.; Yáñez, J. M. (Cambridge University Press, 2018)
      © 2018 The Animal Consortium. From a physiological-behavioral perspective, it has been shown that fish with a higher density of black eumelanin spots are more dominant, less sensitive to stress, have higher feed intake, ...
    • The relationship between working horse welfare state and their owners’ empathy level and perception of equine pain 

      Luna, D.; Vásquez Salfate, Rodrigo; Yáñez, J. M.; Tadich Gallo, Tamara (UNIV. federation animal welfare, 2018-05)
      An understanding of the factors influencing the human-animal relationship is relevant in the development of welfare interventions for working equids. However, the link between the psychological attributes of animal owners, ...