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    • Complementarity of statistical treatments to reconstruct worldwide routes of invasion: the case of the Asian ladybird Harmonia axyridis 

      Lombaert, Eric; Guillemaud, Thomas; Lundgren, Jonathan; Koch, Robert; Facon, Benoît; Grez Villarroel, Audrey; Loomans, Antoon; Malausa, Thibaut; Nedved, Oldrich; Rhule, Emma; Staverlokk, Arnstein; Steenberg, Tove; Estoup, Arnaud (Wiley, 2014)
      Inferences about introduction histories of invasive species remain challenging because of the stochastic demographic processes involved. Approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) can help to overcome these problems, but such ...
    • The harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis: global perspectives on invasion history and ecology 

      Roy, Helen; Brown, Peter; Adriaens, Tim; Berkvens, Nick; Borges, Isabel; Clusella Trullas, Susana; Comont, Richard; De Clercq, Patrick; Eschen, Rene; Estoup, Arnaud; Evans, Edward; Facon, Benoit; Gardiner, Mary; Gil, Artur; Grez Villarroel, Audrey; Guillemaud, Thomas; Haelewaters, Danny; Herz, Annette; Honek, Alois; Howe, Andy; Hui, Cang; Hutchison, William; Kenis, Marc; Koch, Robert; Kulfan, Jan; Handley, Lori; Lombaert, Eric; Loomans, Antoon; Losey, John; Lukashuk, Alexander; Maes, Dirk; Magro, Alexandra; Murray, Katie; San Martín, Gilles; Martinkova, Zdenk; Minnaar, Ingrid; Nedved, Oldrich; Orlova Bienkowskaja, Marina; Osawa, Naoya; Rabitsch, Wolfgang; Ravn, Hans; Rondoni, Gabriele; Rorke, Steph; Ryndevich, Sergey; Saethre, May; Sloggett, John; Soares, Antonio; Stals, Riaan; Tinsley, Matthew; Vandereycken, Axel; van Wielink, Paul; Viglasova, Sandra; Zach, Peter; Zakharov, Ilya; Zaviezo, Tania; Zhao, Zihua (Springer, 2016)
      The harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), is native to Asia but has been intentionally introduced to many countries as a biological control agent of pest insects. In numerous countries, ...