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    • Comparative effect of human and Trypanosoma cruzi calreticulin in wound healing 

      Arias Fernández, José; Sepúlveda, Caroll; Bravo Reyes, Patricia; Hamilton-West Miranda, Christopher; Maldonado, Ismael; Ferreira, Arturo (John Wiley, 2015)
      In orthopaedics, the use of factors that enhance granulation tissue formation and prevent or delay new bone regeneration is sometimes desirable. Calreticulin (CRT), a unique endoplasmic reticulum luminal Ca2+-binding ...
    • is the Antitumor Property of Trypanosoma cruzi infection Mediated by its Calreticulin? 

      Ramírez Tolosa, Galia; Avello Cáceres, Paula; Ferreira Vigouroux, Luis Arturo (Frontiers Media, 2016)
      Eight to 10 million people in 21 endemic countries are infected with Trypanosoma cruzi. However, only 30% of those infected develop symptoms of Chagas' disease, a chronic, neglected tropical disease worldwide. Similar to ...