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    • Teaching energy efficiency: a cross border public class and lesson study in STEM 

      Isoda, Masami; Araya, Roberto; Eddy, Colleen; Matney, Gabriel; Williams, Joseph; Calfucura, Patricio; Aguirre, Carlos; Becerra, Pablo; Gormaz Arancibia, Raúl; Soto Andrade, Jorge; Noine, Takeshi; Mena Lorca, Arturo; Olfos, Raimundo; Baldin, Yuriko; Malaspina, Uldarico (Scuola IaD, 2017)
      As part of an APEC educational project on the cross-cutting concept of energy, researchers and teachers from 6 countries spent 8 months designing, testing and implementing a pilot STEM public class with two schools from ...