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    • Neisseria gonorrhoeae Induces a Tolerogenic Phenotype in Macrophages to Modulate Host Immunity 

      Escobar Álvarez, Alejandro; Candia, Enzo; Reyes Cerpa, Sebastián; Villegas Valdés, Bélgica; Neira, Tanya; López Nitsche, Mercedes; Maisey, Kevin; Tempio, Fabián; Ríos, Miguel; Acuña Castillo, Claudio; Imarai, Mónica (Hindawi, 2013)
      Neisseria gonorrhoeae is the etiological agent of gonorrhoea, which is a sexually transmitted disease widespread throughout the world. N. gonorrhoeae does not improve immune response in patients with reinfection, suggesting ...