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    • Peroxidases in the cell walls of seeds and seedlings of Araucaria araucana 

      Riquelme, Alejandro; Cardemil, Liliana (1992)
      Two major proteins present in the cell walls of the embryo and megagametophyte tissues of Araucaria araucana seeds were partially purified, characterized and identified as peroxidases. These two proteins have Mrs of 83 and ...
    • Two cationic peroxidases from cell walls of Araucaria araucana seeds 

      Riquelme, Alejandro; Cardemil, Liliana (1995)
      We have previously reported the purification and partial characterization of two cationic peroxidases from the cell walls of seeds and seedlings of the South American conifer, Araucaria araucana. In this work, we have ...