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    • Authors seldom report the most patient-important outcomes and absolute effect measures in systematic review abstracts 

      Agarwal, Arnav; Johnston, Bradley; Vernooij, Robin; Carrasco Labra, Alonso; Brignardello Petersen, Romina; Neumann, Ignacio; Akl, Elie; Sun, Xin; Briel, Matthias; Busse, Jason; Ebrahim, Shanil; Granados, Carlos; Iorio, Alfonso; Irfan, Affan; Martínez García, Laura; Mustafa, Reem; Ramirez-Morera, Anggie; Selva, Anna; Solà, Ivan; Sanabrai, Andrea; Tikkinen, Kari; Vandvik, Per; Zhang, Yuqing; Zazueta, Oscar; Zhou, Qi; Schunemann, Holger J.; Guyatt, Gordon H.; Alonso Coello, Pablo (Elsevier USA, 2017)
      Objectives Explicit reporting of absolute measures is important to ensure treatment effects are correctly interpreted. We examined the extent to which authors report absolute effects for patient-important outcomes in ...