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    • Feeling, learning from and being aware of inner states: interoceptive dimensions in neurodegeneration and stroke 

      García Cordero, Indira; Sedeño, Lucas; De La Fuente, Laura; Slachevsky Chonchol, Andrea; Forno, Gonzalo; Klein, Francisco; Lillo Zurita, Patricia; Ferrari, Jesica; Rodríguez, Clara; Bustin, Julian; Torralva, Teresa; Báez, Sandra; Yoris, Adrián; Esteves, Sol; Melloni, Margherita; Salamone, Paula; Huepe, David; Manes, Facundo; García, Adolfo; Ibáñez, Agustín (Royal Society, 2016)
      Interoception is a complex process encompassing multiple dimensions, such as accuracy, learning and awareness. Here, we examined whether each of those dimensions relies on specialized neural regions distributed throughout ...