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    • Variants in DNA double-strand break repair genes and risk of familial breast cancer in a South American population 

      Jara, Lilian; Dubois, Karen; Gaete, Daniel; De Mayo, Tomas; Ratkevicius, Nikalai; Bravo, Teresa; Margarit, Sonia; Blanco, Rafael; Gómez, Fernando; Waugh, Enrique; Peralta, Octavio; Reyes, Jose M.; Ibáñez, Gladys; González-Hormazábal, Patricio (Springer New York, 2010)
      The double-strand break (DSB) DNA repair pathway has been implicated in breast cancer (BC). RAD51 and its paralogs XRCC3 and RAD51D play an important role in the repair of DSB through homologous recombination (HR). Some ...