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    • Chemoreflex and endocrine components of cardiovascular responses to acute hypoxemia in the llama fetus 

      Giussani, Dino A.; Riquelme, Raquel A.; Moraga, Fernando A.; McGarrigle, Hugh H.G.; Gaete, Cristián R.; Sanhueza, Emilia M.; Hanson, Mark A.; Llanos Mansilla, Jorge (1996)
      We tested the hypothesis that the llama fetus has a blunted cardiovascular chemoreflex response to hypoxemia by investigating the effects of acute hypoxemia on perfusion pressure, heart rate, and the distribution of the ...
    • Multicenter clinical trial on the efficacy and acceptability of a single contraceptive implant of nomegestrol acetate, uniplant 

      Coutinho, Elsimar M.; De Souza, Jose Carlos; Athayde, Celia; Barbosa, Ione C.; Alvarez, Francisco; Brache, Vivian; Zhi-Ping, Gu; Emuveyan, Edward E.; Adekunle, Adeyemi O.; Devoto, Luigi; Shaaban, Mamdouh M.; Salem, Hosam T.; Affandi, Biran; De Acosta, Oscar Mateo; Mati (Elsevier USA, 1996)
      Uniplant, a single Silastic implant containing nomegestrol acetate, provides contraceptive efficacy for one year. Uniplant use for one year was studied in 1,803 healthy women of reproductive age, enrolled from 10 centers ...