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  • A strategy to implement Dirichlet boundary conditions in the context of ADER finite volume schemes. One-dimensional conservation laws 

    Montecinos, Gino (Pergamon-Elsevier, 2016)
    ADER schemes are numerical methods, which can reach an arbitrary order of accuracy in both space and time. They are based on a reconstruction procedure and the solution of generalized Riemann problems. However, for general ...
  • A prognostics approach based on the evolution of damage precursors using dynamic Bayesian networks 

    Rabiei, Elaheh; López Droguett, Enrique; Modarres, Mohammad (SAGE, 2016)
    During the lifetime of a component, microstructural changes emerge at its material level and evolve through time. Classical empirical degradation models (e.g. Paris Law in fatigue crack growth) are usually established ...
  • AGN feedback in the nucleus of M51 

    Querejeta, M.; Schinnerer, E.; García Burillo, S.; Bigiel, F.; Blanc Mendiberri, Guillermo; Colombo, D.; Hughes, A.; Kreckel, K.; Leroy, A. K.; Meidt, S. E.; Meier, D. S.; Pety, J.; Sliwa, K. (EDP Sciences, 2016)
    AGN feedback is invoked as one of the most relevant mechanisms that shape the evolution of galaxies. Our goal is to understand the interplay between AGN feedback and the interstellar medium in M 51, a nearby spiral galaxy ...
  • A Bargaining Model of Friendly and Hostile Takeovers 

    Loyola Fuentes, Gino; Portilla, Yolanda (Wiley, 2016)
    A bargaining model is developed that characterizes the conditions under which a takeover will either be friendly, hostile, or unsuccessful when the target management can tilt the selling procedure toward a white knight. The ...
  • Péptidos de calreticulina de trypanosoma cruzi con potencial antiangiogénico y antitumoral 

    Peña Álvarez, Jaime Enrique (Universidad de Chile, 2017)
    Calreticulina (CRT) humana completa (HuCRT), su dominio N-terminal y fragmentos de ella (aa 120-180, 135-164) evidencian actividad antiangiogénica in vitro e in vivo en varios modelos tumorales. Por su parte, calreticulina ...

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