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  • Composition effect on the aggregate/solution interface of a nematic lyotropic liquid crystal 

    Ruiz Fernández, A. R.; López Cascales, J. J.; Giner Casares, J. J.; Araya Maturana, R.; Díaz Banose, F. G.; Weiss Lopez, Boris Enrique José Joaquín (2016)
    Lyotropic nematic liquid crystals (lnlc) have attracted attention due to their resemblance to natural membranes and several technological applications. The effect of tetradecyltrimethyl ammonium chloride (TTAC) in the ...
  • A Distributed Model Predictive Control Strategy for Back-to-Back Converters 

    Tarisciotti, Luca; Lo Calzo, Giovanni; Gaeta, Alberto; Zanchetta, Pericle; Valencia, Felipe; Saez, Doris (2016)
    In recent years, model predictive control (MPC) has been successfully used for the control of power electronics converters with different topologies and for different applications. MPC offers many advantages over more ...
  • Copper-polymer nanocomposites: An excellent and cost-effective biocide for use on antibacterial surfaces 

    Tamayo, Laura; Azocar, Manuel; Kogan, Marcelo Javier; Riveros, Ana; Paez, Maritza (2016)
    The development of polymer nanocomposites with antimicrobial properties has been a key factor for controlling or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and preventing foodborne diseases and nosocomial infections. Commercially ...
  • Cyclic behavior and pore pressure generation in sands with laponite, a super-plastic nanoparticle 

    Ochoa Cornejo, Felipe Agustín; Bobet, Antonio; Johnston, Cliff T.; Santagata, Marika; Sinfield, Joseph V. (2016)
    The paper examines the effect of the presence of small percentages (1-5%) by dry mass of the sand of laponite - a synthetic nanoclay with plasticity index exceeding 1000% - on the cyclic response of sand with relative ...
  • Destabilization of mitochondrial functions as a target against breast cancer progression: Role of TPP+-linked-polyhydroxybenzoates 

    Sandoval Acuña, Cristian; Fuentes Retamal, Sebastián; Guzmán Rivera, Daniela; Peredo Silva, Liliana; Madrid Rojas, Matías; Rebolledo, Solange; Castro Castillo, Vicente Emanuel; Pavani Costa, Mario Angel; Catalán, Mabel; Maya Arango, Juan Diego; Jara, Jose A.; Parra, Eduardo; Calaf, Gloria M.; Speisky Cosoy, Hernán Elías; Ferreira Parker, Jorge Federico (2016)
    Mitochondrion is an accepted molecular target in cancer treatment since it exhibits a higher transmembrane potential in cancer cells, making it susceptible to be targeted by lipophilic-delocalized cations of triphenylphosphonium ...

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