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  • Desarrollo madurativo y el aprendizaje de instituciones regulatorias públicas : el caso de Sernapesca en Chile 

    Cáceres Riquelme, Rodrigo (Universidad de Chile, 2016)
    Este trabajo tiene por objetivo relatar y desarrollar evidencia acerca de cómo la industria de Salmónidos en Chile ha evolucionado a través de su historia, y particularmente, explorar el desarrollo y avance de la institución ...
  • Foraging Behaviour in Magellanic Woodpeckers Is Consistent with a Multi-Scale Assessment of Tree Quality 

    Vergara, Pablo; Soto, Gerardo; Moreira Arce, Darío; Rodewald, Amanda; Meneses, Luis; Pérez Hernández, Christian (Public Library Science, 2016)
    Theoretical models predict that animals should make foraging decisions after assessing the quality of available habitat, but most models fail to consider the spatio-temporal scales at which animals perceive habitat ...
  • Luminous blue variables: An imaging perspective on their binarity and near environment 

    Martayan, Christophe; Lobel, Alex; Baade, Dietrich; Mehner, Andrea; Rivinius, Thomas; Bo n, Henri M. J.; Girard, Julien; Mawet, Dimitri; Montagnier, Guillaume; Blomme, Ronny; Kervella, Pierre; Sana, Hugues; Štefl, Stanislav; Zorec, Juan; Lacour, Sylvestre; Le Bouquin, Jean-Baptiste; Martins, Fabrice; Mérand, Antoine; Patru, Fabien; Selman, Fernando; Frémat, Yves (ESO, 2016-03)
    Context. Luminous blue variables (LBVs) are rare massive stars with very high luminosity. They are characterized by strong photometric and spectroscopic variability related to transient eruptions. The mechanisms at the ...
  • Lactase Non-Persistence and General Patterns of Dairy Intake in Indigenous and Mestizo Chilean Populations 

    Fernandez, Catalina I.; Montalva, Nicolas; Arias, Macarena; Hevia, Macarena; Moraga, Mauricio L.; Flores, Sergio V. (Wiley & Sons, 2016-03)
    Objectives Lactase persistence (LP) is a genetic trait that has been studied among different countries and ethnic groups. In Latin America, the frequencies of this trait have been shown to vary according to the degree of ...
  • International entrepreneurial firms in Chile: An exploratory profile 

    Amorós, José Ernesto; Etchebarne López, María Soledad; Torres Zapata, Isabel; Felzensztein, Christian (Elsevier, 2016-06)
    The internationalization of new small and medium-sized enterprises is a challenge for many developing countries, especially those with open economies and small internal markets like Chile. This study, in an exploratory ...

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